Acute Sense


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Acute Sense

Product Description: Acute Sense is a versatile coating for reconditioning and protection of old and new leather surfaces. It consist of 20% Silica, a mixture of both solidify and curing (Not SiO2). Acute Sense can form a protective barrier onto any leather surface.

Product Benefits: Acute Sense can keep the leather soft and supple. It also prevents color discoloration, UV-rays and bacteria to build on the leather surface, together with a water repellent layer. Acute Sense can be applied to any types of leather.

Common Uses: Leather


1] Prepare surface with Leather cleaner

2] Shake product well

3] Apply directly onto terry cloth or MF applicator, thoroughly massage onto the surface

4] Remove excess coating with a soft MF towel

5] Repeat process for old and neglected leather

Tips / Alternate Uses: Excellent choice for protecting leather motorcycle saddle bags, purses, wallets, and other types of items made out of leather!

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1000ml, 500ml

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