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Product Description: Aqua Waterless is a ready-to-use water base waterless wash with high lubricity while providing a layer of protection at the time! It’s effective scratch free formula is designed with advanced polymers to trap dirt, dust, and other loose contaminants to safely remove them off the surface.

Product Benefits: Aqua Waterless Contains more than 5% Sio2 which adds a protective and hydrophobic layer while enhancing the gloss to the surface.

Durability: 1 to 1.5 months

Common Uses: Aqua Waterless is safe to use on paint, plastics, vinyls, metal, chrome surfaces.

Warnings: Avoid working under direct sunlight. Not suggested to use prior coating application.


Shake product well before using
Work on a cool surface/ avoid working under direct sunlight
Simply spray on panels and wipe to clean surfaces ( Mist MF towel with Aqua Waterless)
Use new side or switch new towel when dirt is trapped on the current side of the towel
Spray generously for the lower vertical panels, leave for a few seconds before wiping it off
Make sure the surface looks formal, use new MF buffing towel and mist area if any streaks are left behind.
Tips / Alternate Uses:

Aqua Waterless can be layered! By adding more layers to the surface, the hydrophobic properties last longer and produces a higher gloss.
Apply it with light dust accumulation or onto a clean surface.
No dilution required

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1000ml, 500ml

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