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Product Description: Leather Cleaner is a ph-balanced leather shampoo designed to deep cleanse leather and vinyl surfaces. It is comprised of water-based surfactants, which can effectively lift dirt, remove stains, body sweats, make-up and other contaminants that are trapped in the leather pores without doing any damage on the leather.

Product Benefits: TACSystem Leather Cleaner prevents the leather from aging, color fade and cracking. Leather Cleaner is safe and effective on protected, coated and semi-aniline leather.

Common Uses: Leather and Vinyl


1 Vacuum loose dirt and debris from the surface
2 Spray Leather Cleaner directly onto a terry or microfiber cloth, gently rub onto the surface
3 Remove excess cleaner with a soft MF towel. Repeat Step 2 for heavily stained surfaces.
4 Apply Acute Sense for protection.

Tips / Alternate Uses: Leather Cleaner is the best preparation for interior coating, for best results, apply ACUTE SENSE after using the cleaner.

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1000ml, 500ml

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