Package : Quartz.shine 30ml + Suede 10*10(5ea) + Suede 40*40(1ea)


Extremely Durable

Excellent Gloss

Water Repellent

Anti scratch


QUARTZ SHINE is a special nano-technology

product with s long term effect on car paint surfaces,

plastic, trims and wheels.


QUARTZ SHINE product the bodywork,

increases weather and UV resistance and

even reduces corrosion.


QUARTZ SHINE contains 70%

pure quartz based in nano-technology,

The cured QUARTZ SHINE is as tough and rigid.

Inorgnaic coat will help you to maintain your car clean,

shinny, and scratch resistant..

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TACSYSTEM Quartz Shine is developed and formulated base on the 4 generations of the chemical coating. It contains an average of 70% SILICA under the chemical process of SiO2 conversion to give a tough and durable coating on paint, metal and glass surfaces.

Quartz Shine prime chemical compositions are TIO2 and Zr. These two prime chemical combination will process a strong structures which keep the treated surface of the paint long lasting, durable and high water repellency.
The main function of TIO2 and Zr chemical reaction will gives great effect on cars paint in gloss, slick and self cleaning. The Zr is to create a durable dehydration of Silica and TIO2 is to give a self cleaning function, thus less contamination is bond on the pain surface.


1.Use TACSYSTEM oil zero to remove oil and wax on paint surface before application of quartz sparkle.
2.Wrap suede around the black foam side of the applicatior.
3.Apply a few drops of Quartz Sparkle on the suede cloth applicator.
4.Wipe horizontal and veritical movement,wait about 1 min, buff with micro towel in a circle motion until gloss.


Do not leave any residual on the surface.

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