TACSYSTEM Hydrophobic Top Coat 1.0


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TACSYSTEM Hydrophobic Top Coat 1.0

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Content : 100ml
Package : 1x TOP COAT 1.0  100ml, 5x Suede 10cm x 10cm, 1x Coating Block


TACSYSTEM’s TOP COAT is a glossy and transparent coating with a thrilling hydrophobic property that penetrates the clear coat or treated coating of the surface. Top Coat offers extreme characteristics of dirt and water repellent, giving the surface a slick and glossy look at all time. It can be applied as a standalone hydrophobic coating or on top of base-layer coating. Application process of Top Coat is very easy and can be applied on paint, glass, plastic and wheels.
Top Coat can do 6 to 8 cars per bottle making it great value for detailers and customers alike 
Forming a protective layer on the paint surface
Penetrates the clear coat or treated coating of the surface
Super high gloss & thrilling hydrophobic property
Can be applied on paint, plastic, glass and wheels
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