TACSYSTEM Quartz Sparkle Plus 90% sio2 – Pro Only

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TACSYSTEM Quartz Sparkle Plus

Professional Approved Applicators only

TACSYSTEM Quartz Sparkle Plus is a premium glass coating offering the highest protection and durability to your vehicle body, metal and glass surfaces. It contains a 90% of Silica under the chemical process of SIO2 conversion together with its prime compositions; Quartz Sparkle Plus produces maximum gloss, hard-curing protection and water repellent properties that also promote the self-cleaning effects!

A single application of Quartz Sparkle Plus will coat the vehicle with a clear glass layer that shields the surfaces from all kinds of environment factors including scratches, oxidation, watermarks, acid rain and bird droppings. Quartz Sparkle Plus forms a strong bond to the surfaces, which ensures long term durability and high-level of chemical resistance.

Extremely Durable

Excellent Gloss

Water Repellent

Anti scratch

TACSYSTEM Quartz Sparkle Plus is a special nano-technology product with s long term effect on car paint surfaces, plastic, trims and wheels.

TACSYSTEM Quartz Sparkle Plus product the bodywork, increases weather and UV resistance and even reduces corrosion.

TACSYSTEM Quartz Sparkle Plus contains 90% sio2 pure quartz based in nano-technology,


The cured TACSYSTEM Quartz Sparkle Plus is as tough and rigid.

Inorgnaic coat will help you to maintain your car clean,

shinny, and scratch resistant.

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