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QUARTZ UHS has the highest concentration of SIO2 ever! Through continuously researching, TAC has developed QUARTZ UHS. It is quartz coating for protect the paint surface of the car by covering an inorganic coating (SIO2). It contains a 90% of Silica under the chemical process of SIO2 conversion together with its prime compositions. QUARTZ UHS is easy to operate and restoring the shine of the car surface as if it were new. It produces ultra high soild hardness coating to your cars. A single application of Quartz UHS will coat the vehicle with a clear glass layer that shields the surfaces from all kinds of environment factors including scratches, oxidation, watermarks, acid rain and bird droppings. Quartz UHS forms a strong bond to the surfaces, which ensures long term durability and high-level of chemical resistance.

TACSYSTEM Quartz UHS. has ultra high soild hardness but it is not easy to crack. The coating has elasticity and could change together with the paint surface, such as heat-expansion and cold-contraction. This products bonds with the paint surface and does not wash off, the durability lasts up to 3 years.


– Decontaminate vehicle and make sure it is free of oils & grease.
– Surface must be completely dry.
– Shake product well before application.
– Apply a few drops to the suede cloth wrapped around in block.
– Work the product evenly and in a criss-cross motion.
– Apply panel-by-panel in a small area.
– Remove excess product IMMEDIATELY with a microfibre cloth.
– Apply Quartz.MAX after an hour to prevent water spots.


– Do not use the product for unintended usage.
– Keep bottle tightly closed after used and store in cool dry space.
– Keep product out of reach from children.
– Make sure to wear suitable gloves and face mask.
– Do not let the product comes in contact with eyes and skin.
– Do not drink or swallowed.
– Store the products in a place of cool, dry and draughty. Make sure keep the products away from the heat and direct sunlight.
– When the product is exposed to direct sunlight or high temperature, it will let the products solified quickly.
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