TACSYSTEM Refinish 1


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TACSYSTEM Refinish 1

TACSYSTEM Refinish 1 is designed specifically used for intensive paint corrections on all types of paintwork in especially water-based paint. Refinish 1 is TACSYSTEM ultra-cut paint correction compound, which can effectively remove oxidised surface, deep scratches and other defects. Refinish 1 is formulated based on particles of both natural resin, high hardness silica sand and others, which offers a strong cutting power, capable of removing #600 sanding marks and scratches. Refinish 1 produces extreme high gloss effect on polished surface. Refinish 1 is best used with TACSYSTEM Middle-Wool Pad as well as cutting pas on Rotary machine.

Benefits of TACSYSTEM Refinish 1:

  1. Remove #600 sanding marks and scratches, leaving an excellent high gloss finish.
  2. Also removes water spots and bird etchings.
  3. Provides long lasting deep gloss.
  4. Ideal for all types of paint.
  5. Free of silicone and toxic solvents.
  6. Efficient.

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250ml, 1L

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