TACSYSTEM Refinish 3 Polish


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TACSYSTEM Refinish 3 Polish

TACSYSTEM Refinish 3 is formulated polishing and glazing compound specifically for water based paintwork. R3 produces an extreme gloss finish and it can remove fine swirl marks and holograms. R3 has a #2500 polishing power and reaches up to #12000 of glazing effect. R3 produces very little amount of residues after used, hence easier for detailers to continue their work to coating. R3 works well with polishing pads.


1. Shake product well before using.
2. Start with a foam/wool-buffing pad. Used pads may obtain contaminants that can scratch the surface.
3. Apply enough products on surface to work.
4. For Rotary strength, best with 600- 1200 rpm until abrasive starts to dry.
(* For best performance, please avoid working under direct sunlight, paint of surfaces are not fully dried and heated paint surfaces.)


1. Prevent it from freezing during winter
2. Avoid store it under direct sun rays
3. Do not dilute with any liquid.

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1000ml, 250ml

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