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The Water Glass is use to Enhance water repellency and gloss on any of the TACsystem Quartz coating. Water Glass is spray-on, rinse-off paint Si02 sealant that provides durable UV protection and jaw-dropping water repellent properties. Unlike typical car wax simply washes do it spray. It is very simple! Water Glass is one of the most hydrophobic paint care products available water simply rolls off the surface immediately upon contact. The secret to Water Glass lies in its advanced chemistry.
Formulated using hydrophilic glass fibers, silicon polymers and advanced fluoropolymers, Water Glass provides a remarkably glossy, slick finish that complements its superb paint protection.Uses the water glass after car washing. Mist spray over the wet paint and rinse off with water. Instantly will see the hydrophobic action created by the water glass product. Use high pressure water after water glass application.
– Highly Concertrated Formlua
– Acid rain prevention
– Forming a thin quart crystal layer on surface and gives a hydrophobic effect.
– It can last 30 days to 90 days”Water Glass might possibly be the most revolutionary car care product you ever purchase!


1. Wash and clean your car well.
2. Dilute WATER GLASS 1:3 with water (25% Water Glass+ 75% water)
3. Spray section by section over the surface while it’s wet.
4. Rinse well using pressure wash without wiping.
5. Remove any leftover droplets with Microfiber .


– Avoid direct exposure light and keep in cool place
– DO not use or store near heat or open flame
– Avoid letting it dry on any surface
– Put it away from child’s reach
– Caution Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs,rinse with water immediately

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