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Water Glass is a simple spray on and rinse off coating, with extreme hydrophobic properties.

Great for coating and protecting the roof of SUVs where it’s difficult to reach. Also great for coating high spoke count wheels, simply spray, rinse and walk away. The Water Glass is likely a biker’s best friend, where it’s near impossible to wax and coat all the fine metal parts, radiators, fins, spoked wheels, crevices etc., now you can simply spray, saturate, rinse, and done. The Water Glass is safe on paint, plastics, glass, chrome, metals, rubber, powder coat, brakes, aluminum etc., also heat resistant.

Where the name implies, the product is formulated using hydrophobic glass fibres, hybrid polymers and fluoropolymers. Another patented formulation from TAC System.


  • TAC System Water Glass has an extremely good cost/performance ratio. With only 40ml of product required to complete an average size sedan, including all paint, glass, trim and wheels
  • Apply to areas that were previously inaccessible or not cost effective to treat such as the undercarriage, wheel wells, door jambs, in between seals and more
  • Safe on all surfaces
  • High dirt and water repellency
  • No curing time required
  • No wiping means less time to apply, increase productivity and profitability
  • UV resistant
  • Gloss enhancing coating layer
  • High chemical resistance and protection from industrial fallout
  • Up to 6 months of durability

General Instructions:

The stronger the dilution ratio, the less time you want the product to stay on the surface, leave on the surface for a maximum of 1 minute. Do no use when the surface is hot, or will cause streaking. And do not allow Water Glass to dry on surfaces.

  1. Do not apply water glass in the sun or to a hot surface! Applying in direct sunlight will lead to streaks that do not wipe off easily.
  2. Wash vehicle thoroughly to remove any dirt from the vehicle using TAC System – Iron Zero Foam for best results
  3. Surface must be well cleaned from soap residue left with water.
  4. Dilute 1 part Water Glass to 5-50 parts water. A spray bottle is suggested for fast and easy application.
  5. Spray a fine mist of diluted Water Glass on a single panel of a vehicle and rinse immediately.
  6. Time between application of the product and rinsing should be no more than one minute.
  7. Immediately rinse well with strong water pressure to produce agitation on the surface and create a well formed coating.
  8. Finish by “flooding” panels to rinse the vehicle without a spray nozzle to push all the water off from the top down.
  9. Dry any remaining water by blowing off or with a microfibre drying towel like the Klin Duo Large or Klin drying  Zero HD

For Professional Use: After rising, dry surface, cure with IR lamp at 65C for 10min for double coat applications. Can be used at stronger dilutions < 1:5.


– Avoid direct exposure light and keep in cool place
– Do not use or store near heat or open flame
– Avoid letting it dry on any surface
– Put it away from child’s reach
– Caution avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, rinse with water immediately

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1000ml, 100ml, 250ml, 4L, 500ml, 50ml

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