Water Repellent Coating

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Water repellent coatings are the easiest way to apply a Superhydrophobic coating to any surface.

Note: Water Repellent Coatings only work when the car is wet.

Water repellent coatings have been designed to be used whether your car has a coating currently on it or none at all. Another benefit of water repellent coatings is that it can be used on all surfaces and not just paint. This means you can apply it to windows, trim and metals around your vehicle without issue.


*Requires a freshly washed, contaminant free, WET surface that is cool to the touch and out of direct sunlight

*Lightly mist Water Repellent over the desired panel, trim, wheel

*Allow product to dwell for 30-45 seconds for best level of protection and longevity. Surface will ‘respond’ immediately when sprayed. Panel must remain wet.

*Pressure wash surface thoroughly

*The difference is noticeable during application, and the rinse process yields an amazing finish. CARTECT Water Repellent Coating increases the performance and life span of your coating, helps decrease drying time, and adds hydrophobic properties to otherwise untreated areas.

CARTECT Water Repellent Coating is a silicone spray.

Includes trigger

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