Everybody loves a clean car! It is for this reason we have various options to valet/detail

your vehicle that will suit all needs. In some cases we may need to visit and

assess prior to quoting to ensure you get the result you expect. Our ultimate

aim is to get your vehicle shiny and clean, just the way you like it!


Express Detail  $99*(1 to 2 hrs)


  •  High Pressure Rinse
  •  Detailed Hand Wash
  •  Wheels High Pressure Cleaned
  •  Towel Dry & Blow dry of water holding Crevices
  •  Tire’s  dressed
  •  Complete exterior Sio2 quick spray sealed with TAC System water-glass
  •  Glass & Mirrors Cleaned


  •  Dashboard, Door Trims & Console Cleaned
  •  Floor, Seats, Matt’s & Cargo Hold Vacuumed
  •  Windows & Mirrors Cleaned
  •  Door Jams Cleaned
  •  Air Freshener
 – Special Price $99*!!  –

Very dusty/muddy cars extra*

Scheduled Maintenance Detailing Plans +

 We offer plans for taking car of your Vehicle All Year round 

with By-weekly,  Monthly and By Monthly Plans 

 with Exclusive Member Discounts and bonuses  

contact us to have your vehicle taken care by Valet pro : 


Fleet Detailing/Multi car work place detailing 

Contact us today Call 0415935685  or Email

Have your fleet of vehicles taken care of with multi car priced rates. 


  Value Cleanse & Seal – from $149 

  • Hand wash using proper and modern techniques to prevent swirls and marring of the finish
  • Vehicle Decontaminated using Tac System – Iron Zero – Iron Zero Foam and Clay wash Mitt
  • Wheel faces and barrels cleaned
  • Wheel wells cleaned
  • Door jambs cleaned
  • vents and crevices dusted and cleaned
  • Tires dressed using a long lasting tire dressing
  • Interior vacuum
  • Interior and exterior glass cleaned
  • Exterior glass protected with water repellent coating
  • Interior hard surfaces cleaned and protected
  • Complete exterior Sio2 quick spray sealed with TAC System water-glass
  • Protection durability: up to 6 months

Full Detail  from $250 (4-5 Hours)

  • Hand wash using proper and modern techniques to prevent swirls and marring of the finish
  • clay bar treatment
  • Wheels cleaned and inner barrels cleaned to remove built-up brake dust and dirt
  • Wheel arches and guards
  • Door jambs cleaned
  • Tires dressed
  • Vacuum full interior including boot & all compartments
  • Interior and Exterior glass cleaned
  • Deodorize
  • Detailing of gauges, vents, gear console driver pedals, visors and pillars
  • High quality Single stage Polish
  • Exterior application of Wax/sealant

Interior only detail from $150 (2-3 hours)

  • Rubbish removal
  • Deep vacuum
  • Windows cleaned
  • Boot cleaned
  • Dash wiped down
  • Console wiped down
  • Interior Dressing

       – nice matte OEM finish.
– NOT Armor-All.

  • Door Jambs
  • Deep Extraction Shampooing

– Anti-bacterial treatment

  • Deodorized and new car smell
  • if applicable Leather Clean and feed treatment





 Moonlight Hydrophobic Coat detail – From $495 (4.5 -5.5 hours)

–  TAC System Tar Zero tar and sticky spot spray down & Iron Zero Foam Pre-Rinse & hand Wash 
– Clay Bar & Deironiser Paint Decontamination 
– Door Jambs Cleaned & Degreased
– Interior Vacuumed
– Wheels Washed
– Soft Dry & Heated Blow Dry Methods
– Interior Cleaned & Protected
– Single Stage Paint Correct to reduce swirls & enhance gloss
– Exterior Paintwork Protected with TAC System Moonlight Hydrophobic Coat for intense gloss and hydrophobic protection 
– Interior & Exterior Glass Cleaned
– Tyres Dressed & Wheels spray detailed 



New car detail / Permanent Paint Protection  – from $500 (5-8 hours)

  • Ceramic Clear Coating
  • Anti scratch protection
  • Provides protection from the environment, animal droppings, UV damage and graffiti.
  • A Permanent Hydrophobic Surface
  • Improved Resale Value
  • Never wax again

Pricing for Glass Sealants and Rim Protection and Complete Car Protection Packages on request.

Correction detail 

 What is a “correction”

“Correction” or “Cut and Polish” is a process used to address various paint defects. It essentially involves removing some clear coat in order to remove defects (the cut) and then restoring the gloss and shine of the paint (the polish).

What can a correction fix?

A cut and polish can fix many defects including

  •          Swirl-marks
  •         Light-medium scratches.
  •         Faded Paint
  •         Water Spots
  •         Holograms
  •         Oxidation
  •         Etching from animal droppings

And more.


Concours detail 

  • Full concours detailing preparation ranging from simple and basic, to Restorative-level detailing
  • Vehicle management and representation



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Headlight Repair 

Damaged headlights are more than just ugly, they can be dangerous by limiting your vision at night or in the rain.

Rather than spend hundreds of dollars on replacing them, just give us a call and we will come to you and restore them!

  • Just $50 per light.
  • We will even seal your headlights to prevent the issue from re-occurring!